װאָס טוט אויף דער ייִדישער אינסטיטוט?

What Does the Yiddish Institute (CIYCL) Do?


CIYCL engages the best experts and creative talents today and invites people of all ages to sample (in a bi-lingual and hence accessible format) the riches of Yiddish culture:  its abundant sounds, wisdom, and written works; its ironic humor and profound passions.

Since 1999 we’ve reached thousands with innovative programs designed to inform, stimulate, and inspire.  CIYCL’s projects are groundbreaking for the West Coast and for the most part, anywhere.  Included among them:

Annual Showcase of Contemporary Yiddish Culture

The only consistent Yiddish cultural programming west of New York, with monthly programs highlighting in an  accessible and engaging way aspects of Yiddish culture that resonate with or are happening today.  Renowned guest speakers offer multi-media presentations on diverse topics.  Check our Upcoming CIYCL events page for the latest news.

The Theo Bikel Yiddish-Into-English International Poetry Translation Contest

Now in its seventh iteration, a groundbreaking opportunity for entrants from all over the world to offer their translations of a Yiddish poem and thus make this aspect of Yiddish culture more accessible to everyone. Named after the renowned entertainer and friend of CIYCL who crafted elegant translations of Yiddish songs and poems, this one-of-a-kind contest has Prize-winning judges making the determination of winners.

Digitized On-Line Archive

The premier Yiddish literary journal Kheshbn . All 150 issues published in LA between 1946-2009 have been made accessible to scholars world-wide through the UCLA Digital Library – the first such complete digitization of a Yiddish journal.

Last Golden Links: Living Yiddish Treasures

An unparalleled video archive of in-depth interviews in Yiddish with the 10 key individuals who championed Yiddish culture in LA.  Portions of this archive will soon be made available through our website.