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Kolya Borodulin presents: Birobidzhan – An Incredible Dream At The Far Reaches Of The World

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Ek Velt – An Incredible Dream At The Far Reaches Of The World ק װעלט׃ די פֿאַרכאַפּנדיקע מעשׂה פֿון ייִדיש אין ביראָבידזשאַן Please join us for the fascinating story of Birobidzhan — a remote and forbidding territory in Russia’s far east, known as the Jewish Autonomous Region. Was it set up as Stalin’s diabolical or…

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The revolutionary new English-Yiddish dictionary and the akshente (determined woman) who made it happen

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Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath, the Chief Editor of the new Comprehensive English-Yiddish Dictionary talks about her journey to create such a landmark work. Gitl’s Dictionary talk

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Meet Our Unique CIYCL Staff

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A short interview in Yiddish and English with a Cambodian-American Yiddish student. The California Institute for Yiddish Culture & Language (CIYCL) is a non profit organization dedicated to the revitalization of Yiddish.

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Prof. Yoshiji Hirose Presents: Prof. Setsuzo Kotsuji – The Unsung Japanese Hero Who Saved Thousands of Jews Recorded May 22, 2016

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The unsung Professor Setsuzo Kotsuji had a life-long fascination with Jewish culture and his heroic intervention during the Holocaust helped to ensure the lives of thousands of Jewish refugees. Talk by Prof. Yoshigi Hirose of Notre Dame Seishin University, Okayama, Japan. Recorded May 22, 2016.

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HAPPY 5777!

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