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HINDCAST/FORECAST: How the YIVO Vilna Digitization Project Helps Us Grasp Our Present and Future

No less than miracles, fierce dedication, and surprising ingenuity led to the gathering, safeguarding, and ultimately making widely accessible a most precious collection of Jewish manuscripts and books. In January 2022, the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research completed the Edward Blank YIVO Vilna Online Collections project, a 7-year initiative to digitize the materials YIVO had […]

To Light Our Way: Yiddish song and poetry of resistance and resilience

THURS | APRIL 28 | 7:30 PM | VIRTUAL | FREE Celebrate the most heroic forms of resistance against destruction: mentshlekhkayt, maintaining one’s humanity; and sheferishkayt, creativity   A selection of miraculously preserved words and music written in Yiddish during the Holocaust brought to life by Cantor Sharon Bernstein and Miri Koral, with special guest appearances by Mike Burstyn […]

The Astonishing History (and Future) of Yiddish In Universities

Last of the Winter Talk Series with Dr. Kalman Weiser (Don't forget Daylight Savings begins in Canada & the US!) The third of three of the Winter Talk Series Prof. Kalman Weiser, York University 11 AM PACIFIC, 2 PM EASTERN, SUNDAY 3/13/22 CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE FOR YIDDISH CULTURE AND LANGUAGE (CIYCL), DER NISTER LOS ANGELES and […]