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“Today My Best Poem’s A Child” with Prof. Goldie Morgentaler

Goldie Morgentaler and Chava Rosenfarb - A Daughter Tackles Her Mother's Giant Legacy How does a young girl respond when she's recruited to help translate her mother's landmark work from Yiddish? What is it like to delve into the intimacies of your mother's words and life, some of which are harrowing? When does an obligation […]

From Hassid to Hollywood

Get the inside scoop on the upcoming Yiddish horror film The Chosen One It's much easier to shave your beard than to shed who you are. LOok out! Award-winning screenwriter and now filmmaker Elazar Fine and his lead actors Luzer Twersky (Felix & Meira) and Malky Goldman (Unorthodox) are on the hotseat about making their […]

Itzik and the Golden Peacock: Itzik 120 Years of Itzik Manger

Itzik Manger portrait by Arthur Kolnik A celebration of the famous Yiddish Bard on his 120th Birthday. An international ensemble of Yiddish performers and experts delightfully reveal why Itzik Manger (1901 - 1969) is such an enduring inspiration. Join Mike Burstyn, Shura Lipovsky, Dr. Helen Beer, Ruth Levin, Mendy Cahan, Binyumen Schaechter, Gitl Schaechter Viswanath, Shane Baker, Miri Koral, among others, for […]