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A one-of-a-kind poster available only through our website

Your favorite Yiddish author here. Celebrates 19 Yiddish authors through visual imagery, biographical information, and evocative quotations. 27″ x 30″, in full-color, printed on heavy stock with a laminated finish, unframed.

Price: $36.00.

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Designed to stimulate public interest and awareness to the diversity of Yiddish literature and culture through an inexpensive but visually arresting poster, each image has been created in a style inspired by that authors’ work.

For example, Joseph Opotashu is portrayed in a wood block style with vignettes that echo images in his masterpiece “In Polish Woods”. I.L.Peretz quotes “If not Higher” and is portrayed against a vivid blue sky; a single bird ascending like a soul carried aloft by its good deeds. Sholem Aleichem is stylized to suit his nickname as “The Yiddish Mark Twain”.

Future projects will focus on “Klezmer & the Klezmer Revival”, “Yiddish Theatre – Actors & Impresarios”, and “The Voice of Women in Yiddish Literature”.

The poster’s creator, Tamara Londner, is a video editor at ABC-TV in Los Angeles, California. Her interest in Yiddish developed over a decade ago at a CIYCL Art of Yiddish program, which stimulated her interest to explore and learn more about her unique and extraordinary heritage. Tamara is a CIYCL Board Member and volunteer.

The product of an assimilated family that had turned its back on its cultural heritage and looked to “the American Dream” to mask the scars of the Holocaust, Tamara came to understand that her lack of Yiddish inflicted cultural deafness in more than just her family; it silenced the voices of the greatest minds who wrote their deepest insights in Yiddish.

Since embarking on her Yiddish journey, she has come to not only experience and revere the depth of the Eastern European Yiddish Culture of the past, but seen the brilliant fires of creativity from committed Yiddish activists and performers who look to the future to express their deepest emotions and creativity “af yidish”. “I’ve met young people hungry for the riches that Yiddish culture holds, and come to respect the contributions of the generations before mine as well as those to come. I hope my poster succeeds in honoring the former and inspiring the latter.”

Aside from offering you a great deal of nakhes, your purchase helps to support CIYCL’s mission of safeguarding and revitalizing Yiddish language and culture.