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Video of previous programs

Sholem Aleichem: A Yiddish Remembrance

An international Yiddish celebration of the most beloved Yiddish writer of all time, Sholem Aleichem, for his 104th yortsayt. Enjoy performances by stars of the Yiddish stage Mike Burstyn, Mendy Cahan, Rafael Goldwaser, Tomi Kalinski, Lea Koenig Stolper, Eleanor Reissa, Dora Wasserman, and Michael Wex; with singers and musicians Elisa Gray, Tomi Kalinski, Miwa Kogure…

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Jewish Bucket List: Yiddish Immersion

The stage was set. The musicians played. The featured performer read Yiddish poems accompanied by klezmer music. The crowd was excited. I was, too. The whole experience gave off the vibe of being in a club.  Except we weren’t. We were in the multipurpose room at Temple Mishkon Tephilo in Venice for an afternoon event…

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Scott Hilton Davis presents: Celebrating Jacob Dinezon On His 100th Yortsayt

Who was Jacob Dinezon, the Yiddish writer who in his day outshone even Sholem Aleichem? Scott Hilton Davis tells his remarkable personal journey with the rediscovery of Jacob Dinezon, the great humanist and writer, who had almost been forgotten over the last 100 years in spite of the incredible popularity he enjoyed during his lifetime.…

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How to translate Yiddish Humor into Japanese… Without losing your Punchline!

Prof. Yoshiji Hirose is an internationally recognized expert in Jewish American literature, and in Yiddish literature in particular. In addition to an impressive list of publications which critically examine the works of Jewish authors, Prof. Hirose translated into Japanese Leo Rosten’s iconic and humorous book The Joys of Yiddish. It took him 10 years (no…

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Yiddish Poetry Beat to Live Klezmer Music

A special day of Yiddish poetry and Klezmer music with Miri Koral and Klezmer Juice! For more information, visit the California Institute for Yiddish Culture and Language website on http://www.yiddishinstitute.org, and check out Klezmer Juice’s music at https://www.youtube.com/user/klezmerjuice… Also, take a look at a short version of this video for Jewish Journal Contributing writer Debra…

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Kolya Borodulin presents: Birobidzhan – An Incredible Dream At The Far Reaches Of The World

Ek Velt – An Incredible Dream At The Far Reaches Of The World ק װעלט׃ די פֿאַרכאַפּנדיקע מעשׂה פֿון ייִדיש אין ביראָבידזשאַן Please join us for the fascinating story of Birobidzhan — a remote and forbidding territory in Russia’s far east, known as the Jewish Autonomous Region. Was it set up as Stalin’s diabolical or…

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Dvir Bar-Gal presents: Sweet & Sour Safe Haven – Jewish Refugees in Shanghai

At the start of WWII, 20,000 Jewish refugees made it to the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, even as the revolution was raging in China and the Japanese were about to occupy the city. Please join us for this fascinating story of resilience, historic turmoil, hardship, kinship and compassion, featuring our distinguished guest Dvir Bar-Gal, an…

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