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שטיצערס און פֿרײַנד

You are all angels helping to nurture the seeds of Yiddish culture for the enrichment of humankind.

The Big Angels די גרויסע מלאכים
  • Nurit and Rick Amdur
  • The Ruth Ziegler Foundation
  • The Baran Family Foundation
  • The Angell Foundation
  • Dale Rosenbloom
  • Web Station One
  • Theodore Bikel
The Angels די מלאכים
  • Luis & Lee Lainer
  • Bruce Anders
  • Terri Hanauer
  • Arva & David Rose
  • Joyce Tamara
  • Stephen O. Lesser
  • Silvia Wagensberg
The Little Angels די מלאכימלעך
  • Lee Chesnin
  • Karen Goodman
  • Helen Schulman
  • Chic Wolk

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